If you don’t know who Martha Stewart is, chances are you live under a rock. The iconic homemaker has made bookoo bucks teaching everything from cooking to arts and hosting talk shows for multiple decades at this point. In fact, today, Martha Stewart’s name has become a verb in the DIY community, for example, “You Martha Stewarted that cake!”

Nonetheless, Stewart is jumping into a new industry entirely, the NFT industry. In a press release issued this morning, she announced the launch of a digital boutique known as FRESH Mint. 

Martha Stewart & FRESH Mint

In the release, it was announced that Stewart has partnered with a leading NFT provider, Tokns Commerce to curate an eclectic collection of NFTs. She has also jumped into partnerships with world-class designers, photographers, and artists, as well as a select group of up-and-coming creators in the community to make her plans come to life. 

The boutique will be fully integrated with her website, www.martha.com

What Is FRESH Mint?

As mentioned above, FRESH Mint will be the entertainment gurus NFT marketplace/collection, but what exactly does that mean? First and foremost, for those of you not familiar with NFTs, the term is an acronym for non-fungible token, a type of unique digital token that lives on the blockchain representing art. 

So, what will the art be?

The collection will feature physical artefacts from Martha’s most iconic creations and create new digital art that celebrates the changing seasons, holidays, and other special occasions. 

The first “assortment” under the FRESH Mint name will be dubbed the Carved Collection and will hit the tape right in time for Halloween. The collection features high-quality pumpkin carvings done by Marc Evan and Chris Soria, founders of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. 

However, the art won’t just be a curated group of carved pumpkins. In fact, Martha’s iconic Halloween costumes will be incorporated in the pumpkins, all of which were handpicked from several different farms across New York. 

Beyond the sale of the NFTs themselves, owners of popular tokens from other projects will have the ability to bid on the opportunity to turn their best NFTs into Carved Collection pumpkins. In a statement, Martha Stewart had the following to offer:

“I’ve been so fortunate to collaborate with talented artists, creators and entrepreneurs throughout my life. I see NFTs as a new canvas for creativity and Blockchain as a vehicle to protect artists’ IP and support their incredible work. By collaborating with Tokns, we reached an approach that feels authentic and aligned with my vision.”

What Exactly Is Tokns Commerce?

Tokns is an NFT technology company that provides end-to-end NFT solutions for leading organizations and iconic musicians, sports stars, and other entertainers.  The company’s first big project took place earlier this year under a partnership with Team GB, launching the first-ever official NFT collection for an Olympic team ahead of the 2021 Tokyo Games. These tokens leveraged the art of Team GB artist-in-residence, Ben Mosley. 

In a statement, Jamie Tedford, founder of Tokns, had the following to offer:

“We are beyond excited to help bring Martha’s NFT vision to life. Over decades, her innovation has created a trove of historical artifacts and intellectual property. It is our job to unlock this value, giving fans a new way to celebrate her legacy.

The above statement was followed up by Neil Fiske, CEO at Marquee Brands. Here’s what he had to say:

While the NFT economy has grown rapidly, it is still driven by a relatively small group of early crypto adopters. By enabling both crypto and fiat currency transactions, FRESH Mint will welcome crypto natives while introducing the world of NFT ownership to a new audience of first-time collectors.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that art is a storage of culture, and NFTs bring that storage of culture to the next level. So, it’s no surprise to see that so many big names are jumping in to take part in this pivotal shift in art and digital value creation. The fact that yet another iconic celebrity is jumping onboard shows that these collectibles are being, and likely will continue to be, met with skyrocketing adoption among celebrities, artists, and the general consumer.