It has been an awesome Monday for the NFT community with several hot news stories hitting the tape. Here’s a list of the top five:

NFTs Have the Potential to Fix a Broken Healthcare System

In a story you’ll only find on Meta Masters Media News titled, “NFTs Have the Potential to Fix a Broken Healthcare System,” we discuss the fact that around $750 billion is spent each year on unnecessary treatments in the United States. 


Well, patient data is highly protected and very difficult to access, even for physicians. This fragmented healthcare data system leads to inadequate treatments, economic burden, and sometimes death. 

Several companies are working to find the solution using NFT technology. The idea is that patient data can be stored as an NFT on the blockchain and easily transferred from patient to physician, ensuring that the physician has everything he, or she, needs to treat the patient adequately. 

Should these companies be successful, the products they create will generate a paradigm shift in the management of patient data across the United States and around the world. 

Move-to-Earn NFTs Are Coming Soon

Staying on the healthcare topic, in this Meta Masters Media exclusive, we discuss Genopets, an NFT game that has both play-to-earn and move-to-earn features. It’s expected that Genopets will be met with large scale consumer adoption for three reasons:

  • Free NFT Minting. First and foremost, most play-to-earn games require users to mint NFTs that often cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in order to play. All Genopets NFTs required to play can be minted for free. 
  • Move-to-Earn. Move-to-Earn is a popular concept in the real world. Insurance companies reward consumers for the steps they take while several cell phone apps also provide rewards for activity. However, Genopets is the first NFT game that comes with this capability. Considering the increasingly health conscious consumer of today, this is likely to be a key driver for a large audience. 
  • Gaming. Mobile gaming has exploded in the past decade, and it’s expected to continue. The Genopets game is an RPG, or role-play game, that follows an interesting storyline that’s likely to help drive a vast audience. 

All told, as consumers become increasingly aware of how personal choices affect their long-term health, it only makes sense that a move-to-earn NFT game will be a big win.   

Owner Declines Offer to Sell His CryptoPunk NFT for Record-Breaking $9.5 Million: Here’s Why

CryptoPunks are a hot commodity in the NFT space, with some in the collection being among the most valuable digital artworks in the world. In this post on Gadgets 360, you’ll learn about a record-breaking $9.5 million offer to purchase a CryptoPunk that was declined. 

According to the article, the whopping offer was made to purchase CryptoPunk #6046, a pixelated image of a punk smoking a cigarette wearing a black hat and 3D glasses. The current owner of the NFT, known as @Richerd on Twitter, turned down what would have been the largest ever on-chain sale in USD. 

The article follows a Tweeted explanation as to why Richerd turned down the historic offer; the tweets explaining that he has put quite a bit of work into branding around the CryptoPunk, his Bored Apes, and other NFTs. As a result, the works are worth far more than the NFT itself and he isn’t willing to sell them at any price.   

Why Your Branded NFT Could Fail (And Tips For Ensuring It Doesn’t)

This article on Forbes explains the fact that NFTs aren’t just collectible forms of digital art, corporations are using them to improve their corporate identities. However, like any other branding exercise, using NFTs as a way to build your brand could result in failure. 

This article explores why some corporate NFT projects fail and provides several tips on how you can go about making sure yours is a success. 

Some of the tips include giving corporate NFT profits to charity as a way to signify good faith in your brand, tapping into emotions knowing that successful launches are about support for the blockchain community, and creating something that consumers can get excited about, whether that be a competition or giveaway. 

Twitter Adds Bitcoin Tipping, Pushes Further Into NFTs

Finally, Bloomberg reported that the popular social network, Twitter, has launched a Bitcoin tipping option that will let users pay each other in a peer-to-peer type platform using Bitcoin. This news further serves to validate the popularity of Bitcoin and the blockchain. 

However, the news went quite a bit further than that. In the story, the author talked about the fact that many Twitter profile pictures aren’t actually pictures of the person that owns the profile, instead they’re images from NFTs, suggesting that the person that owns the profile also owns the digital art. 

According to the report, Twitter is looking into ways to verify the ownership of these NFTs, following along the lines of what we already see with MetaLink. 

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