Thursday proved to be yet another sizzling hot day in the NFT industry with several major news stories hitting the tape. Here’s what we saw:

Fox Joins the NFT Craze With Masked Singer NFTs

In a Meta Masters Media News exclusive titled, “Fox Joins the NFT Craze With Masked Singer NFTs,” we explore a recent announcement by Fox that it will be minting its first line of NFTs. The NFT community has been aware that Fox was planning on diving into the industry after the company announced a $100 million project dubbed Blockchain Creative Labs back in June. 

Today, news broke as to exactly what the entertainment company plans on doing in the space. 

The company said that it will be launching a new NFT collection based on its smash hit show, The Masked Singer. The NFTs will be available in packs of three for $20 through the company’s own platform known as MaskVerse. Users that collect all Masked Singer NFTs will win prizes, both in the digital and real world. Moreover, members of the community will be able to vote on the singers they believe will be eliminated in upcoming shows. If they vote correctly, they’ll be able to buy Gold Masked Singer NFT packs featuring artworks with higher levels of rarity. 

Fox isn’t the only entertainment company that’s diving into the non-fungible token world. ViacomCBS, CNN, and Lionsgate have all entered the industry with a splash. 

Glenfiddich Plans the Launch of Rare Whisky NFTs

In another Meta Masters Media Exclusive, we explore an announcement made by one of the world’s top producers of high end scotch whisky, Glenfiddich. According to the announcement, the company is working with BlockBar to release an ultra-rare whisky that will be coupled with rare NFTs. 

Only 15 bottles of the $18,000 whisky will be available, and the run is expected to sell out nearly instantaneously. 

When the bottles are purchased, the buyers will receive an NFT, rather than the actual bottle of whisky, which will be stored securely by BlockBar. Once the NFT is received, the buyer has the ability to sell it, trade it, or hold onto it for their own collection, and if they want a taste of the ultra-rare scotch they’ve purchased, they can redeem the NFT in exchange for the bottle. 

This is a massive story because it’s yet another use-case of digital art being molded into the real-world, a practice that several brands could benefit greatly from adding to their operating procedures. 

How Can NFTs Be Used in 3D Printing?

This 3DNatives exclusive is definitely a must read. The article points to the fact that the gap between the digital world and the real world is being bridged by NFTs by following the story of an artist named Danit Peleg. 

Peleg has made a name for herself in the world of 3D printed fashion, selling 3D printed clothing and accessories. However, in a recent interview, she explained that for years she has been trying to find a way to show the people that purchase her high-end 3D printed accessories how they came to life. 

NFTs are making it happen. Once an interested party purchases an NFT from her, the person gains access to a folder assigned to the NFT number. The folder includes a number of files, including instructions on print settings and a guide on how to assemble the individual printed pieces into a finished garment. 

Sotheby’s Takes Its NFT Experiment Into the Metaverse

CoinDesk also hit the tape with a very interesting story. For some time, the NFT community has known that Sotheby’s auction house has been working on entering the community itself. However, the 277-year-old British company is making a big next step. 

The company recently announced that it’s launching a new platform called, “Sotheby’s Metaverse.” Through the platform, visitors will be able to view digital artworks available at auction. Moreover, visitors will learn about the collectors and artists behind the NFT communities associated with the artworks. 

The first sale in the Sotheby’s Metaverse will take place from October 18, 2021 through October 26, 2021. During this time, the company will auction off the “Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors” series. The series features 53 pieces of art from 19 different collectors. 

Coinbase’s NFT waitlist has more than a million signups

Recently, we covered the story that Coinbase is entering the NFT space with a new marketplace designed to create a community around these digital works of art. In a recent post by TechStory, it has become clear that the community is eagerly awaiting the launch of the platform. 

According to the post, the waitlist launched by Coinbase just a few days ago now has more than a million signups. This is clearly going to be a smash hit! 

That’s All For Today

The stories above are the top stories in the NFT industry today. Take a few minutes to sit back, chill, and read the news. Then, come back tomorrow for more!