As is always the case in the bustling NFT community, quite a bit of hot news broke the tape today. The hottest stories are as follows:

NFTrade and My DeFi Pet Bring Incentivised Gaming to Surface

In the first news story on Meta Masters Media News this morning, titled “NFTrade and My DeFi Pet Bring Incentivised Gaming to Surface,” we explore the newly-minted relationship between NFTrade and My DeFi Pet. The partnership is centered around the idea of incentivised gaming. 

Essentially, My Defi Pet will be launching 50 NFT collectibles, each of them ranging in rarity. In order to get your hands on these NFTs, you’ll have to play the My Defi Pet farming game where you’ll stake your idle $DPET tokens in your own My DeFi Pet farm. Once the $DEPT is staked in the farm, you’ll earn 5 $nDPET per 24 hour period for each $DPET you have staked.

The $nDPET can only be used in the app for the purchase of the Unique NFTs. Importantly, the two companies plan on making it possible to earn NFTs regardless of whether or not you’re just getting started in the game or you’re a whale that has been part of the My DeFi Pet community since inception. 

Will NFTs “Fix” the Internet?

In yet another Meta Masters Media exclusive, titled “Will NFTs ‘Fix’ the Internet?,” We explore one of the biggest problems associated with the internet in general and how NFTs are slated to provide the solution. 

What’s the problem?

Consumers are constantly paying for ownership of digital content that they don’t actually own. Think about it, have you ever purchased a movie or a song on a platform where you have a paid monthly membership? What happens if you discontinue Disney+ services after you spent $30 or $40 to “buy” a newly-released movie? Unfortunately, you lose access to the content you purchased. 

NFTs have the potential to change that in a big way. With NFTs, digital goods can be sold and transferred with verified ownership. When games, movies, and songs live on the blockchain, the purchaser actually owns the digital goods and is able to access them without paid monthly subscriptions. Moreover, when they’re done with those goods, they can transfer ownership on the secondary market, receiving a return on their investment. Check out the article linked to above to learn more. 

Visa Launching NFT Program to Support Digital Artists

In this CoinDesk exclusive, you’ll learn about the fact that one of the biggest financial firms in the world, Visa, doesn’t only see the value of NFTs, it’s investing in them in a big way. The company announced that it’s launching an NFT program that’s designed to support digital artists while a technological and art-centric renaissance takes place. 

To turn this goal into reality, Visa is partnering with Major League Baseball player Micah Johnson. Aside from Baseball, Johnson is most well known for his work as the creator of a black astronaut NFT known as Aku. Aku first hit the NFT stage in February of 2021, sell $2 million worth of NFTs in 24 hours. 

The financial giant and baseball player/artist plan on choosing a select few artists through an application process and helping those artists navigate the blockchain and NFT industry. 

ViacomCBS to jump on NFT bandwagon with a digital collectibles ‘metaverse’

C|Net also published an interesting article today surrounding the fact that ViacomCBS is jumping on the NFT bandwagon in a partnership with Recur. Recur is quickly making a name for itself as an NFT-centric startup. 

The two companies plan on creating digital “experiences” based on the company’s characters and programming franchises. They also plan on rolling out some kind of digital marketplace or game where these NFTs can be bought and sold. 

This is big news from yet another big player, further outlining the utility of NFTs. Think about it, the cable network industry is struggling, and has been since streaming hit the tape. ViacomCBS is a major player with ownership of networks like BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, and Showtime. The fact that NFTs will give these networks new opportunities to create communities and generate profits is yet another feather in the hat of the non-fungible token enthusiast and industry as a whole. 

Medigus enters NFT space with the first investment in blockchain company Safee

Finally, Seeking Alpha, an investing news website, published this article, surrounding the fact that Medigus, a technology company primarily focused on medical equipment, decided to jump into the NFT arena with a $400,000 investment. 

The company invested in Safee, an NFT-based ownership social network that wants to bring its technology to mass market creators and audiences. Through the social network, members can create, own, engage, control, and trade digital goods and as a result of its investment, Medigus now owns 2.5% of the company. 

The investment value points to the value of new ideas and technology in the NFT space. At $400,000 for 2.5%, the valuation involved in the acquisition of shares came to $16 million; not too shabby for a very young startup.

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