We’ve had yet another exciting day in the NFT space with several stories hitting the tape, some of which were significant announcements. Here are the top stories in the industry:

Coinbase Plans on Launching an NFT Marketplace

The first Meta Masters Media exclusive of the day, titled “Coinbase Plans on Launching an NFT Marketplace,” explores a recent page launched on the Coinbase website with the title Coinbase NFT. The new page was accompanied by an announcement that a new NFT marketplace is expected to emerge by the end of the year. 

This is a major announcement because Coinbase has long been a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. With the NFT space growing in popularity and centered around blockchain technology, it only makes sense that one of the leaders in blockchain would want to get involved. It will be interesting to see how OpenSea, the current leading NFT marketplace, incentivises loyalty in the wake of new competition. 

The Commercial Viability of NFTs Is Undeniable

Yet another Meta Masters Media exclusive, the article “The Commercial Viability of NFTs is Undeniable,” is centered around a topic that was brought up when Jenkins the Valet, an outcast Bored Ape, joined the OhhhShiny show.

Several topics were discussed during the show, including the future of the Jenkins the Valet project. However, the biggest topic was the commercial viability of NFTs in general as big brands enter the space, snapping up some of the most popular IP on the blockchain. 

Visa, Mastercard, and Ripple plant flags in the NFT market

Sticking to the commercial viability theme, American Banker posted an article pointing to some big brands that are jumping into the space. According to the article, Visa recently purchased a CryptoPunk NFT for $150,000 while Mastercard and Ripple are planting their own flags in the space. 

As the industry continues to grow and demand for NFTs takes off like a rocket, big brands are realizing the significant value they leave on the table when they ignore the industry. 

Valhil Capital Underwrites First NFT Securities Offering in History – “Buen Viaje”

69 News published an article outlining an important moment in NFT history. According to the article, the securities firm Valhil Capital released nine of a series of 10 NFTs titled “Buen Viaje” as securities for the first time in history. 

Since their creation, NFTs have largely been viewed as valuable investments. However, this news takes the next big leap in the space, bringing these unique pieces of art to the securities world. 

Cinedigm Announces Horror NFT Series Launch

According to this article on Benzinga, streaming entertainment provider Cinedigm is launching a new series of horror-centric ETFs. The series, dubbed Bloody Disgusting Blood Packs. The company commissioned horror artists like Luke Chueh, Chet Zar, Rick Dienzo, Wes Benscoter, Jeremy Cross, and Jim Evans, in association with The Dark Art Emporium to create original paintings of their favorite death scenes from iconic horror movies. 

In the article, the author explains that the first 13 cards will come with distinctive horror and gore aesthetics and will constitute the Gallery Edition of the “Kill Scenes” series. 

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