There’s never a dull moment in the decentralized world of NFTs. Monday, October 11th was no exception. Here are the most eye catching news stories in the space today:

NFT Chess Tournament Trophy Shows We’ve Just Scratched the Surface of Utility

In this Meta Masters Media exclusive, the many uses of NFTs are discussed with a new one being added to the list; trophies. Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen just made history by accepting the first trophy given as an award in an international chess tournament. 

The trophy signifies several things. First and foremost, Carlsen is one heck of a chess player. However, the implications go far further. As the NFT industry evolves, we could see far more NFT trophies hitting the tape. 

NFTs Turn Political as Democrats Mint Memorabilia

In yet another Meta Masters Media exclusive, “NFTs Turn Political as Democrats Mint Memorabilia,” you’ll learn about the first NFTs being used for political fundraising. A new marketplace is aimed at supporting Democrat incentives through the development and sale of political NFTs. 

Keep in mind that while NFTs are turning political, we are not. We don’t care what side of the aisle you stand on as long as you stand with our beautiful country. 

Nonetheless, the use of NFTs as a political fundraising opportunity opens the door to further utility for these digital artworks. Not only can they help raise funds to push political agendas, they have the potential to be core fundraising assets for charities, corporations, and more. 

McDonald’s China to give away 188 NFTs on 31st anniversary

McDonald’s China is making waves in the NFT space as reported in this article from CoinTelegraph. According to the article, McDonald’s China plans on giving away 188 unique NFTs that were minted on its 31st anniversary in the region, October 8th. 

However, the story goes far beyond the fact that McDonald’s is giving away NFTs. 

Recently, we’ve heard that China’s government has banned crypto and anything relating to it. However, McDonald’s China is owned by CITIC Group, a company of the People’s Republic of China, meaning that it is state owned. The fact that a state-owned company is producing NFTs shows that there may be more room for crypto in China than originally expected. 

Justin Sun Acquired NFTs of Digital Zones, One of the Earliest NFT Projects, for $2 Million

This article, featured on The Daily Hodl, follows the story of Justin Sun, founder of Tron buying three Digital Zones editions for $2 million. These were some of the earliest NFT projects which first came to light in 2017. 

What’s also interesting is what Sun did with the NFTs he purchased. The NFTs were given to the APENFT Foundation, a foundation aimed at bridging the gap between top-notch artists and the blockchain. 

Rob Gronkowski hooking up with Tom Brady’s NFT venture

Finally, in this Fox Business feature, you’ll learn about Tom Brady’s NFT venture and the fact that star Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is jumping in on the venture with Brady. 

It’s expected that Gronkowski will launch his Autograph NFT collection tomorrow, Tuesday October 12, with prices ranging from $12 to $100. On Thursday, signed versions of the NFTs will drop with a starting price of $250. 

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That’s it for the hot stories of today, come back tomorrow for the latest and greatest in NFT news.