Are you on the hunt for your next dream home? Have you dreamed about living in a penthouse in the clouds? Why not get one of only eight unique super-rare NFTs with your purchase?

That’s right, as NFTs explode in popularity and value, they are being used to incentivise purchases and actions, but Slate Asset Management is taking things to the next level. The company’s One Delisle condominiums have become a sight to see, and for those that purchase one of eight penthouse condos, will come with a little something extra. 

Slate Asset Management Will Give Away NFTs

OK, so Slate isn’t just handing NFTs to anyone that walks up and asks for them. In fact, the company has commissioned a super-rare digital art collection that includes only eight NFTs, the same number of penthouses in its One Delisle condominium building. 

A unique NFT from the collection will be given to customers who purchase each penthouse. The news means that Slate is making history. After all, the company is now the first real estate developer that has commissioned NFTs as incentives for condominium purchases. 

About the NFTS That Come With Penthouse Purchases

When a new penthouse purchaser closes the deal, they will become the sole owner of a unique NFT created by Petra Cortright, a famed artist known as a pioneer in the digital art world. 

Cortright develops contemporary art by manipulating digital files and her artwork has earned her immortality as her collections are featured in prestigious museums all over the world. Some of the most prominent of these museums include the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, LACMA in Los Angeles, and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. 

The eight pieces of art included in the collection are expected to live out Cortright’s signature technique of making an image by creating a compilation of digital files, layer by layer. In this particular collection, Cortright takes advantage of various textures and brushstroke elements that she has become known for over the years. 

The artist also took advantage of the digital form in which her art was created. As a digital artwork, it’s possible to show every layer of the piece whereas in more traditional forms of art, bottom layers are impossible to bring to the top of the canvas. 

Cortright’s Art Is Valuable

The works of art in this collection are expected to be highly valuable. That’s especially the case if they follow along the same lines as the artist’s inaugural NFT. 

In fact, her first NFT sold in March 2021 for a whopping $28,000. In August 2021, that same piece of art resold with a price tag of $60,000. 

The Penthouses Associated With the Art

As mentioned above, to qualify to receive one of these limited edition NFTs, you’ll have to purchase one of eight penthouses at One Delisle in Toronto, Canada. The penthouses are found on floors 45 through 47 and each span either one third or one-half of the 16-sided building. 

The condos will sell for anywhere from $900,000 to just over $2.1 million, depending on which penthouse the buyer chooses and offer maximum square footage of just under 1,800 sq ft. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that with the NFTs attached to One Delisle penthouse sales, Slate Asset Management is showing that there’s no limit to how NFTs and blockchain technology might be used in the future. Once dedicated solely to digital currencies in a decentralized setting, blockchain technology is now being used for everything from sale verification to incentivization, gaming, data storage, and more.